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Things To Do In Carlsbad - Arts & Cultural Attractions

Home to one of the largest one-day festivals in the nation, Carlsbad Village Street Faire, don’t mistake Carlsbad for a sleepy surfer village. A wide variety of arts and culture offer a constant influx of creativity and inspiration. Whether your tastes lie in fine arts, live concerts, classic cars or craft beers, Carlsbad is never short on amazing experiences.

Carlsbad Festivals - TGIF Concerts in the Parks

Summer in the city means TGIF Concerts in the Parks, a tradition that has truly become an integral part of the community's life.

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Events - Carlsbad Village Street Faire

The Carlsbad Village Faire, the largest single day street fair in the nation and is held two time a year, May & November.

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Things to do in Carlsbad - La Costa Film Festival

Delivering a new cultural experience to Carlsbad, that will resonate throughout all of San Diego County and foster a greater appreciation of the art of filmmaking.

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Carlsbad Village Attractions - The Art Foundry At New Village Arts

New Village Arts, already known as the artistic heart of the Carlsbad Village for its risk taking, award-winning professional theatre, has expanded its cultural influence by opening The Foundry as a space for working artists.

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Cultural Activities in Carlsbad - William D. Cannon Art Gallery

Over the past nine years, the William D. Cannon Art Gallery Juried Exhibitions have become an important showcase for the work of both emerging and mid-career artists in San Diego.

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