Carlsbad Attractions - New Village Arts Theater

Phone: (760) 433-3245
2787 State Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008

New Village Arts has become known as one of the best ensemble theatres in Southern California. But what exactly does that mean? And how does an ensemble actually work? For its eleventh season, NVA has decided to delve fully into these questions to emerge with a strong, specific artistic vision.

The NVA Ensemble is made up of 14 actors, directors, designers and stage managers who will work together on every play in the season. The first six plays in THE ENSEMBLE PROJECT will be by various American and world playwrights in currently published work and will feature a wide range of genre and style. The final play will be created specifically for this Ensemble and be a fully staged world premiere.

THE ENSEMBLE PROJECT gives New Village Arts the opportunity to fully explore the group mind at work in a theatrical setting. The collaboration of this group will create a stronger art form than an individual alone and allow New Village Arts to continue its Ensemble experience with a better understanding of the potential of concentrated Ensemble work.

In addition to seeing the Ensemble members' exciting work onstage, subscribers will be will be given special access to witness the process of theatre making through the eyes of their personal Ensemble member. Every subscriber will be matched up with a member of THE ENSEMBLE PROJECT to trade thoughts about the current production, learn more about the behind the scenes work and experience the theatre through an Ensemble member's eyes.