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Find The Best Restaurants In Carlsbad

It’s all here in Carlsbad. Award-winning restaurants that are constantly reinventing the way we eat to street food classics that magically whisk you back to your childhood. No matter your tastes or budget, restaurants in Carlsbad offers a wealth of options that overflow with flavor and style, as well as happily fuel your next fun-filled eating adventure.

Nozomi Japanese Fusion

Imagine a place with innovative chefs, a welcoming atmosphere and quality service. With this vision, Nozomi was born.

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Carlsbad Breweries - Karl Strauss Brewing Company

For the past 23 years, San Diego has been our home and beer has been our passion. We brew a diverse lineup of 35 beers, including 6 year-round favorites, 3 seasonal offerings, and a host of innovative special releases.

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Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi Bar

Combining the fresh flavors of the ocean with the heat and tradition of the robata grill, our creative culinary team is here to bring you a new dining experience.

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Green Dragon Tavern & Museum

Green Dragon Tavern & Museum is the latest major attraction to open in the Carlsbad, CA, area. The 22,000 sq. ft. space will feature a museum, restaurant, tavern, coffee house and meeting space.    GDTM creates a welcoming atmosphere for celebrating, remembering and honoring...

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Jay's Gourmet

A local beachside favorite, Jay’s Gourmet features mouth-watering pizza and fresh seafood pasta dishes.

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