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What to do in Carlsbad - Outdoor Activities

Over the years, Carlsbad has maintained its vast, beautiful outdoor spaces so that they may be enjoyed by bikers, kayakers, fishers, bird-watchers and other guests. Home to an extensive trail system that ranges from leisurely to strenuous, you’ll find open hills, covered paths, expansive beaches and quiet lagoons that welcome you to savor the mild, ocean air.

Hiking: Aviara Trails

The Aviara trails consist of the Golf View Trail, Black Sage Trail, Salt Marsh Trail, Eucalyptus Trail and the Lagoon Trail.

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Outdoor Activities in Carlsbad - Batiquitos Lagoon Birdwatching

Batiquitos Lagoon is a 526-acre coastal salt marsh with tidal mud flats and is on of trhe few remainiing tidal wetlands on the Southern California coast.

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California Hiking - Calavera Hills Village H North Trail

Located north and east of Carlsbad Village Drive, this .5 mile trail wanders thru a Eucalyptus grove and also eastward to Hope Elementary School at Tamarack Avenue.

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Carlsbad Golf Courses - Veterans Park Trails

This trail takes visitors through several popular points of interest.  It's also a great way to view the city golf course, The Crossings at Carlsbad.  Read about current plans for the future Veterans Park.

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Things to do in Carlsbad - Buena Vista Lagoon

This Lagoon is the only freshwater lagoon in CA. & its 350 acres is home to dozens of varieties of migrant & resident waterfowl.

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