Beach Weddings In Carlsbad

One of Carlsbad’s unique wedding venues is its beaches where the bride and groom can exchange vows in front of a beautiful sunset backdrop. For more information about getting married at Carlsbad’s beaches, read the following FAQs or contact the San Diego Coast District office of State Parks Department, special events coordinator at (619) 688-3385.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I allowed to get married on the beach in Carlsbad?
Yes, we invite you and that special someone to have a beach wedding in Carlsbad. All you need is a reservation and permit.

Can I have alcohol, catering, tents, charts, etc.?
Yes, you are allowed to have important wedding essentials to complete your beach weddding, but restrictions apply.

Is it necessary to reserve a place, date and time?
Yes, reservations are the same on Carlsbad’s beaches as they would be at any wedding venue.

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