Carlsbad’s Colorful Box of Chocolates?

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Forrest Gump once said “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The Carlsbad Flower Fields are sort of like Forrest’s box of chocolates, in that we never know how beautiful the fields will be until the flowers actually bloom. The 50 acres of giant rananculus flowers boldly announce that spring has arrived, and turns a barren hillside into a virtual botanical garden. The 50 acre swath of red, orange, yellow, green and purple blooms have attracted visitors to Carlsbad for 50 years.  Mr. Edwin Frazee was responsible for bringing The Flower Fields to Carlsbad due to mild climate and perfect soil. The field of flowers was not intended to be the beloved attraction that it has evolved into. It was and still is to this day, a working, flower farm that ships the dried bulbs it produces worldwide. From the beginning, the flowers that grew from the bulbs were so beautiful that people, travelling on Highway 101 by the Pacific Ocean, would stop to enjoy the flowers and take photographs to share. Ultimately, this created a temporary tourist attraction that has grown and attracts over 125,000 visitors every spring. 

Other beautiful and fragrant happenings at The Flower Fields are the Sweet Pea Maze, the All-American Rose Walk of Fame and a miniature rose garden. Kids of all ages love the antique tractor wagon ride and Carlsbad Mining Company (who wouldn’t want to pan for semi-precious stones?!). Weekends are rockin’ at the fields with musical entertainment of all kinds. 

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