Two New Restaurants That Are Putting Carlsbad on the Map

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The Golden state is quickly becoming a hotbed for food trends. Culinary craft in California is accentuated by some of the most creative chefs in the industry. For southern California, things like ramen, matcha, charcoal, and cauliflower, are quickly becoming buzzwords for food lovers. As one of the key influencers of modern dining, southern California is constantly shifting expectations around what tastes good, feels good, and is healthy to consume. The west coast has a deep history of tradition tied to food and is heralded around the world as the place where farm-to-table originated. In recent years, southern California has combined culinary traditions with non-traditional experimentation. Carlsbad has new eateries popping up every month. Two of the newest and most creative restaurants on the scene are both owned by the talented John Resnick, whose front-of-house experience boasts impressive endeavors like Ironside and Craft & Commerce. If you’re looking to experience innovation at its finest, you won’t want to wait to book a reservation at Campfire or Jeune et Jolie for your next meal.


Campfire came onto the scene in September of last year. The restaurant was the talk of the town long before Campfire opened its doors. The wood-fired eatery has a commanding 6,000 square-feet footprint. As the name implies, there is a theme that runs deep into the design, ambience, and food. The use of fire is woven into each dish that Chef Andrew Bachelier creates. Fond memories are formed by gathering around a fire and Chef Andrew’s dishes inspire gathering around food as a source of sustenance and communion.

campfire carlsbad

Bells & Whistles is the design firm responsible for the aesthetic of the space. With other restaurants like Bracero to live up to, Bells & Whistles has outdone itself yet again. The restaurant opens to a large bar with a wood mural of a mountain scene in the background. A Quonset hut-style roof is complimented by a tent-like covering that brings the outdoors in. Outside, there are sturdy wood picnic tables and a giant teepee for kids to play in.

The menu is carefully planned, market-driven, and updated on a weekly basis. Global influences feature dishes like raw oysters, ceviche, blistered wax beans, smoked duck, smoked and grilled ribeye, and – yes – smores. If you are an adventurous eater with a group of friends who love the spirit of gathering in adventure, you can choose the Camp Feast option and let the kitchen cook for the entire table.

Jeune et Jolie

In a delightful departure from the great outdoors, John Resnick and beverage director Leigh Lacap have doubled down on the creativity and inspiration of Campfire and opened a modern French delicacy right down the street.

jeune et jolie carlsbad

Jeune et Jolie is John Resnick’s newest endeavor. This new wave French restaurant captures the brass and crushed velvet allure of France in the 1950s. The cuisine is fresh and light, and Andrew Bachelier is using the new space to further showcase his talents. Dishes feature delicacies like black truffle and caviar. While Campfire elicits feelings of sentiment and nostalgia, Jeune et Jolie taps into a more extravagant vibe of romance and intrigue.

The menu of things like blue prawns, grenouille (frog legs), and lapin (rabbit sausage) is complimented by an exquisite beverage menu. From absinthe to cocktails mixed with fine French liquors and over 26 wine varietals, Leigh Lacap has incorporated fun twists on modern drinks that will quench any thirst.

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