Trails to Hike During Winter in Carlsbad, CA

What’s great about Carlsbad during the winter season is that you’re able to enjoy the great outdoors even at the chilliest temp (as chilly as Carlsbad can get). With an average high of 63 degrees during the winter months, Carlsbad provides the ideal setting for a brisk hike through some of the city’s most beautiful terrain, spanning 46 miles of trails. Here are my top five trails to hike during the winter (have to work off those scrumptious holiday meals!)
Hosp Grove Trails
Spanning 3 miles, the Hosp Grove Trails winds through an aromatic eucalyptus forest. Not only is the trail a reprieve away from the chaos of city life, it also offers a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and the Buena Vista Lagoon. Fun fact: The scent from the eucalyptus plant can increase brain wave activity and your energy!
Aviara Trails
Take a peek at nature in action while hiking! One of the more extensive paths, the Aviara Trails stretches 6 miles and offers a variety of nature experiences to hikers. You’ll find migrating birds along the Batiquitos Lagoon trail that call this area ‘home’ during the winter months.
Hidden Canyon Trail
This relatively short trail (0.25 mi) is great for families with dogs! The Hidden Canyon Trail connects the dog park with the Hidden Canyon Community Park. Enjoy a picnic with the family after a brisk walk through. Just make sure to leash up Fido!
Calavera Hills Village H North Trail
Take a walk off the beaten path! Located north and east of Carlsbad Village Drive, the Calavera Hills Village H North Trail offers a walk through a eucalyptus grove while exploring the Village. Make sure you follow the posted signs as you walk through the public trail!
Sea Wall
A bit of a unique hiking trail, the Sea Wall lines Tamarack Beach and is perfect for those looking to walk along the beach. It extends from Carlsbad Village Drive to Cannon. I highly recommend walking along the trail during sunset. Watch as the glowing yellow sun dips into the Pacific Ocean!
Hope to see you on a trail!

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